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Way To Go!  Life Coaching

When you want to plan next steps through life transitions, new directions, or challenging decisions...

Way To Go!  Life Coaching helps you get it done!

Life can be very challenging --

    Sometimes having many options can leave our heads  spinning and we don't know what to do next.

    Or sometimes we feel like we have no options.... and we stay stuck, but wanting more.

    Sometimes we think we are ready for a change, but we hear others tell us to not rock the boat or take chances, and we doubt we can do it.

    And sometimes we feel that a new chapter is beginning, but we don't know how to turn the page to get started!

Ellen Purcell, Certified Professional Life Coach,  can help you find the steps that really work for you.  Having received her certification from The Coaches Training Institute in 2004, Ellen has been helping people achieve their goals and find happiness ever since.

In addition, through her work for twenty years as Master Teacher and Trainer with PAIRS nationally renowned relationship enrichment programs, Ellen has helped thousands of couples learn how to communicate, reduce stress and solve problems together in a caring and positive way -- the same skills that are needed to address many of our other life issues in the world.

If you feel stuck, puzzled, confused -- or feel having a Life Coach to provide encouragement, direction and accountability could be the answer -- contact Ellen at Ellen.Purcell@gmail.com or call at 703-476-5644 for details about how Life Coaching can get you to your goals and bring more joy and satisfaction to your life!

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